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The traditional spray-and-wipe method has long been the go-to cleaning technique for most bars and restaurants. However, it’s not always the most efficient method when you need to fully disinfect between lunch and happy hour. Covering everything from bar stools to 8-top tables, electrostatic sprayers from Victory Innovations can help you establish a quick disinfecting routine that keeps doors open and customers dining confidently. Speak to an expert.

Help protect patrons.

Disinfect large dining areas fast and efficiently.

Get effective wraparound coverage on all high-touch surfaces.

Reduce cross contamination with touchless application.

See electrostatic sprayers in action.

Victory Innovations sprayers simply take advantage of this natural electrostatic phenomenon.

The Cordless Electrostatic System uses a charging ring to place a positive charge on whatever liquid is added to the tank. The positively charged particles repel each other, allowing for better and further distribution of liquid. And since most surfaces are negatively charged or neutral, they tend to attract the positively charged particles. This allows for wraparound effects, which are especially helpful for curved surfaces like doorknobs and table edges.

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