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How to make a cleaning routine easier for operators

Most professional cleaners know that cleaning and disinfecting can be hard on the body. Repetitive motions like scrubbing and pulling the trigger of a spray bottle can cause carpal tunnel, and lifting heavy equipment can cause back problems over time. One injury can affect days of work, which is why it’s important to find equipment that helps workers do their jobs safely and easily. Here are our top tips for simplifying cleaning routines and minimizing operator strain.

1. Switch to automated chemical sprayers.

Repetitive motion disorders like carpal tunnel happen when certain body parts are overused in the same way for too long. Ignoring symptoms like pain, swelling and tingling in affected areas can eventually lead to permanent tissue damage. Cleaning professionals are at a higher risk of developing carpal tunnel than people in other occupations because of the repetitive motions required[1]. To minimize conditions like trigger finger, switch from manual trigger sprayers to automated chemical sprayers, which require much less physical effort from operators. Plus, electrostatic sprayers provide better and faster surface coverage, saving time for everyone. 

2. Encourage operators to take breaks.

The risk for injury goes up when workers use the same tendons and muscles for too long without a break. Operators shouldn’t perform the same task for hours without resting, and they shouldn’t carry excess weight to the point of physical pain. Even switching hands or taking a few minutes to stretch limbs can prevent overuse injuries. 

3. Adapt tools for safer extended use.

Some cleaning products require operators to carry weight on their backs, lift heavy objects or drag around machinery. A pushcart can be a helpful way to prevent workers from physically carrying heavy cleaning supplies, especially for large buildings. 

Medical professionals typically recommend that backpacks don’t exceed 20 percent of your body weight – that means that a 150-pound person shouldn’t carry a backpack heavier than 30 pounds. For backpack-type sprayers, like the Victory Innovations VP300, the maximum tank capacity may exceed the recommended weight for some operators. 

To minimize operator strain for our backpack sprayer, we’ve developed an accessory that allows spraying at full capacity without having to physically carry weight. The VP90 cart features a durable body, non-marking wheels and a frame small enough to fit through standard doors. Once the backpack is installed, you’ll get all the benefits of a cart-style sprayer combined with cordless operation and the option to convert back to a backpack. 

Click here to learn more about the VP90, and click here if you’re interested in learning more about Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayers.