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How You Can Keep Kids Healthy This School Year

The Challenge of In-Person Learning

As many schools return to in-person learning, preventing COVID-19 infections is a major concern for every district. However, preventing the spread of disease among students and staff isn’t a new challenge; schools are constantly battling outbreaks of flu, norovirus and MRSA. Thorough disinfection plays a crucial role in combatting these illnesses: viruses like norovirus can survive for weeks on certain surface types[1]

Schools are often higher-risk areas for the spread of disease. Classrooms and the rush of playtime or passing periods create high-traffic situations and high-contact areas. For COVID-19 specifically, all students under 12 are not yet vaccinated, which also presents opportunities for the virus to spread. Because schools and classroom learning often present situations in which it is difficult to stay appropriately masked and distanced, it is important for schools to try and mitigate the spread of disease.

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CDC Recommendations for Disease Mitigation

In these higher-risk, higher-traffic environments, the CDC recommends a layered approach: multiple strategies combined to try and stop the spread. Aside from getting vaccinated, masking and distancing, the CDC lists things like proper handwashing and surface disinfection as ways to help keep students and staff safe[2]. All shared surfaces should be disinfected daily, but it’s recommended that higher-risk and higher-traffic surfaces be disinfected more often. Just some of the listed examples of high-contact surfaces are pens, desks, doorknobs, toilets and keyboards[3]. This presents a problem: how can schools properly disinfect all these surfaces multiple times a day? School days are fast-paced, and there’s no time for the traditional spray-and-wipe methods that most are familiar with.  

The Best Solution For Schools

Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayers offer the solution. Victory sprayers apply a positive charge to disinfectant particles, which helps them stick to surfaces and even wrap around to cover hard-to-reach areas. Victory sprayers are easy and fast to use—research shows that they apply chemical up to 90% more efficiently than traditional cleaning methods[4]. When layering in disinfection strategies at your school, Victory sprayers can help you achieve the quick clean you need.

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